Consultation and Case Management Services

What are consultation and case management services?

For parents, loved ones or care-givers of someone suffering from an eating disorder consultation sessions are available.  The path to recovery can be frightening and confusing.  Many families or loved ones are in crisis surrounding the struggles of the client.  You might not know where to turn, what questions to ask, how to pay for treatment, how insurance works, what level of care is appropriate, what type of treatment is recommended.  I am happy to meet with you to answer specific questions, provide education about the recovery process, and help demystify much of the recovery and treatment vernacular.

Additionally, case management services are available for those who have been navigating the treatment path for a while.  One of the most at-risk times for relapse is when transitioning between levels of care, from treatment program to treatment program, or provider to provider.  I am available to be a case manager to ensure smooth transitions, and to decrease the potential for relapse that exists in these periods.  These services include, being the primary contact with admissions and intake departments, collecting, transmitting, and providing all required paperwork for admit.  As well as communicating any specific client issues to ensure that the larger recovery process is observed by the new treatment team.  This can free up family and loved ones to focus on the client and tend to their own self-care, while having a professional to navigate the many arrangements, and administrative details that accompany transitions in levels of care.